TECC Operations will provide operators with an SOI incorporating a standard TFAK (Tactical First Aid Kit), where that kit should be located and how to properly use its contents. Each operator has to know where to find another operator’s kit within seconds. Officers must know what is in the kit and they must know how to use the tools inside.

This Course will also provide you with the LEFR-TCC Certification. The Law Enforcement First Responder Tactical Casualty Care certification is nationally recognized and will be taught throughout the class covering the required curriculum. Hyde Syte Instructors are currently the only professionals that can issue this certification.

Wisconsin Conceal Carry


Hyde Syte Tactics has put together a comprehensive program that instills self-awareness, how to encounter unknown threats and how to create a safe environment for their family. Part of our program incorporates the Firearms Safety and Conceal Carry Weapons (CCW) class. This course was developed for the new safety conscious person to the novice card carrying 2nd amendment enthusiast. Concentrating on firearms safety, storage, handling and youth education, Hyde Syte Tactic’s safety course instills the fundamentals of firearms safety and how to create a safe environment for themselves, their children and the kid next door.

Women’s Self-Defense

In this 6 week course, you will be involved in a learning atmosphere that will teach you basic stances, multiple striking techniques, throws, ground defense, wrist manipulations, arm bars, chokes and an introduction to weapons.  You will also learn proper techniques that will use multiple muscle groups to apply maximum damage to your opponent.  This course will teach you proper preparation to help you anticipate an attack before it happens as well as mental preparation to help you survive an attack, so you don’t become a victim.  You will go through real life scenarios that will help you in your preparation. This course uses several different styles of martial arts, which will give you a well-rounded foundation in self-defense.