Our Mission

Hyde Syte Tactics is committed to properly educating the public by Crafting Life’s Defense. By recognizing the many flaws in other programs, Hyde Syte Tactics hopes to relay a better message by proper education through experience and actually caring about safety of our community and our rights that should not be infringed upon. Hyde Syte does not collect your cash, license you and send you on your way. Hyde Syte offers programs to follow up with, which creates continued sustainment of skills and how to create a defensive posture with an offensive mindset. Hyde Syte concentrates on an education of carrying concealed, safety of firearms, and looking past the license and what it means to survive an attack and beyond

What Is A Hyde Syte?

Hyde Syte has been derived from the term “Hide Site” or “Hide”. The sniper community uses the term, “sniper hide” or “hide site” to describe a position established or a space created to conceal and provide defensive measures in order to conduct offensive operations.Hyde Syte Tactics has carried with it the same mind set for its clients. Whether concealed carry or safety inside the home, or law enforcement clients establishing a better medical awareness and tactical security, it is Hyde Syte’s mission to teach those defensive measures in order to survive by utilizing offensive tactics. Hyde Syte is a mindset of security and safety. By crafting life’s defense, Hyde Syte Tactics will establish this mindset in every client creating a safe confident lifestyle through awareness and training.

What we have to offer!

Come see what Hyde Syte Tactics has to offer!

  • FFL Transfer Services $35.00, State of WI Handgun Background Checks $12.00, NICS Background Checks $5.00 (long gun only)
  • Certified Instruction
  • State of the Art Weapon Simulator
  • Handguns
  • AR-15s
  • Liberty Safes & 12 months interest free financing subject to credit approval
  • and More!



What People are Saying!

“True Professionals. I am absolutely floored by the amount of knowledge and expertise they possess and willingly impart to the students. Expert instructors that provide a great training environment and pleasant atmosphere. They provide training that results in real time improvement that you can measure. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I strongly recommend them.” Lars D.

“Great place! Very friendly, second to none customer service.”  Dan J.

“My friends and I rented the simulator room for an 90 minutes – it was so much fun, but beyond that, we learned a lot. All of us are CCW certified, but Aaron was so patient and knowledgeable about the laws in Wisconsin and walked us through so many scenarios on the full wall simulator screen to see how we would react and then to teach the right things to do. I feel so much more confident now that I would be able to react in the right way in a situation where I might have to use my concealed carry weapon. I will definitely be going back, I love the people there, they are passionate about what they do and they really make you feel like you are the most important person in the world when they are teaching you. Hyde Syte offers so many courses to teach everything you need to know, and then they take you right over to the simulator room so you can have practical exercise practice…if you live anywhere close to Hartland, you will not find a better place to learn.”  Cathy P.

“I just cannot believe how little time there is in an active shooter situation for one to determine if there is a weapon, intent and a delivery system then neutralize the threat…maybe 5 seconds…my head was still spinning the next day. After Trevor’s staging of several active shooter scenarios during our last training session, I came to realize that any individual who believes that they can simply get their CCW, purchase a weapon and just magically have the ability to defend themselves or their loved ones in a use of deadly force scenario is sadly mistaken. I was totally amazed at just how little time I had to identify the shooter (Aaron), his intent and verify that he was indeed armed before making the decision to neutralize him…the entire engagement took less than five seconds. Anyone who thinks they can do this without training is kidding themselves. Then after securing the scene, adding to the realism I had to explain to the first officer on scene (Trevor) what took place, as one would after a real shooting.” Scott S.